Finesse Notes

Spinnaker Operations

Initial Setup

  1. Spinnaker sheets are run outside everything, from aft blue blocks to clip to the the pulpit. For a port mark rounding and bear-away set, starboard sheet will be the guy - put in red block, pull round forestay inside pulpit, clip to port stanchion.

  2. Ensure spinnaker is packed. Seriously - "it's in the bag" is not enough.

  3. Tie sail ties to handrails above bunks ready for packing.

  4. Move halyards to sternmost holds of forward handrails; tighten after half an hour (when they have stretched).

  5. Ensure that Richard is onboard. Help Marco onboard.

Sail Setup (for a port mark rounding and bear-away set, opposites apply)

  1. Clip bag to port stanchion base and top lifeline aft of stanchion.

  2. Port sheet will be the sheet - over lifeline; clip to aft clew.

  3. Starboard sheet will be the guy - in red block, round forestay inside pulpit, inside lifeline; clip to forward clew.

  4. Close bag! Snug guy and sheet to ensure they don't get in the water.

  5. Take off pole; unwrap bridles by rolling pole.

  6. Put pole under jib sheets and rest in pulpit; clip inboard jaw on port reaching strut ring, jaw up.

  7. Clip uphaul to its bridle aft of jib sheet, hook behind starboard reaching strut ring, snug.

  8. Clip downhaul to its bridle.

  9. Clip port halyard to base of pulpit, outside jib sheet.

  10. When the jib is unfurled, put guy into outboard jaw, over furling line, resting on furling drum.

On Final Tack (for a mark rounding and a bear-away set)

  1. Release uphaul from behind reaching strut ring, away from mast.

  2. Clip inboard pole jaw on mast ring, jaw up.

  3. Lift pole at pulpit; loosen windward jib sheet and tighten uphaul; snug downhaul.

  4. Take halyard from base of pulpit; clip to head and top lifeline above the bag, forward of stanchion.

  5. Prefeed guy.

  6. Unclip vang from mast base.

  7. Unclip halyard from lifeline.

  8. On rounding mark, hoist fast and take two turns on winch, then cleat.

  9. Furl jib.

  10. (Pit crew) Bring board up, loosen backstay.

  11. Take bag below.

  12. Loosen outhaul and main halyard.

  13. Clip preventer to leeward stanchion base, under jib sheet.


  1. (Mastman) Remove guy from red block.

  2. (Poleman) Unclip preventer and leave on center deck.

  3. Wait for boat to head downwind.

  4. Release downhaul about 2'.

  5. (Mastman) Take pole from mast ring and put (poleman) under jib sheet; put old sheet in jaw (old sheet becomes new guy).

  6. Push pole (mastman) across and (poleman) forward, release old guy from jaw (old guy becomes new sheet), drop off jib sheet, clip jaw on mast ring.

  7. Snug downhaul.

  8. (Poleman) clip guy into red block, and (mastman) clip preventer on leeward stanchion base under jib sheet.


  1. Tighten outhaul and main halyard.

  2. Clip vang to mast base.

  3. (Pit crew) Unfurl jib on same side as spinnaker, put board down, tighten backstay.

  4. Let pole go forward, near forestay, without letting sail away from pole.

  5. Pull guy pin to release the sail.

  6. Pull spinnaker into cockpit and below, foot first, releasing halyard as fast as the spinnaker can be pulled in; cleat halyard.

  7. Release uphaul to lower pole; remove pole from mast.

  8. With Advance Setup (for another set)

    1. Put pole under jib sheets and rest in pulpit; clip inboard jaw on port reaching strut ring, jaw up.

    2. Hook uphaul behind starboard reaching strut ring, snug.

  9. Without Advance Setup

    1. Unclip downhaul from bridle.

    2. Unclip uphaul from bridle, clip to mast, and snug.

    3. Wrap bridles by rolling pole; return pole to deck mounts.

  10. Release guy from jaw and return to stanchion outside forestay.

  11. Return sheet to stanchion.

  12. Snug guy and sheet to ensure they don't get in the water.

  13. Return halyard to base of pulpit (around the outside, not under forestay!) and tighten.

  14. Remove old guy from red block, put new guy into red block.

Packing (the magical Audrey way)

  1. Tie head on opposite sail tie.

  2. Sit with bag between legs.

  3. Follow edge from head to clew, pushing to side, and place clew under stern.

  4. Follow foot to other clew, pushing into bag, and place other clew under other stern.

  5. Follow other edge to head, pushing to other side.

  6. Pack into bag, foot first, tying head and clews at neck of bag.